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Absolutely, and it isn’t terribly time-consuming. If you have about an hour each week, you can keep your site up-to-date and secure. But eventually you’ll run into something beyond your experience. Maintaining your website probably isn’t the best and most effective use of your time.

I’m pretty darned responsive but I do like to sleep. Email me and I’ll make your request a priority during business hours.

No, I hand that work over to actual designers and developers. I can help with small changes to your site.

WordPress is my strength. I’m not able to provide maintenance for other platforms.

I only take on clients I can fully support. That means I take a genuine interest in what you’re doing and I’m invested in your success.

I can help with small changes to your site. I can refer you to colleagues who do major changes or site redesigns.

While I’ll try to work with whichever hosting company you’re using, there are a few I’m not able to work with. Please contact me for more info.

I limit the number of clients I serve so that I can give everyone the attention they need. Right now, I work with about a dozen clients and manage a couple dozen sites.

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